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Philippines Natural Coconut Water

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Fresh coconut water not only tastes good but it makes you feel good. That’s because of the unqiue collection of nutrients found only in coconut water that hasn't been heated or changed with preservatives or additives.

Philippines Natural has created a new cold filtered, farm-to-bottle technique for capturing the taste and nutrients of fresh-from-the- tree coconut water in the convenience of an extended shelf-life bottle.

When you enjoy a cold bottle of Philippines Natural Coconut Water, you not only taste and feel the difference, but you make a difference in people’s lives, the Philippines, and the world.

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Mobile Farm-to-Bottle Fresh

Instead of bringing coconuts from a farm to the factory, we created a breakthrough mobile processing system to bring the factory to the farm. This enables us to bottle the special taste and nutrients of young coconut water fresh from the tree right at the source. The entire process takes place then and there.
Pick. Pack. Pour.

All natural. 100% Pure. Never heated. No additives. No sweeteners. No preservatives.

Cold filtered coconut water is a great hydration beverage that offers numerous health benefits, including:.
  • a neutral pH that helps balance your body's internal chemistry,
  • high potassium content that helps blood flow and reduces the risk of stroke,
  • natural electrolytes that are easily metabolized by your body
It's a difference you can taste and feel.
Coconut Water 1 Ingredient

Cold Filtered, 100% Pure Coconut Water

Philippines Natural Coconut Water is 100% pure coconut water bottled onsite from fresh, whole, young coconuts. Our proprietary cold filtration system protects the flavor and nutrients found only in fresh coconut water that heat pasteurization otherwise destroys. In its journey from extraction to onsite bottling, our coconut water is never exposed to outside air. That’s why we do not need preservatives or other additives that change the flavor and nutrients. It’s a difference you can taste and feel.
When exposed to light or cold, fresh coconut water enzymes naturally change its color to pink depending on the variety, rainfall, temperature, or even the position on the tree. Color change doesn’t affect flavor or nutrition and is proof that the healthy enzymes are present. It’s all good.

Make a Difference

Our ability to drive a factory to a farm transforms people's lives, creates new economic value, and restores our earth, it:

  • directly helps farmers and their families by creating new agricultural livelihood,
  • supports local communities with jobs and infrastructure,
  • contributes to the economy of the Philippines,
  • enables us to process the whole coconut onsite, which reduces biomass carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
Indulge Coconut Water
Philippines Naural Coconut Water is more than just an indulgence of something that tastes good. The cold filtered juice from these special coconuts is an elixir that transforms the body, mind, and spirit. It nourishes and energizes. It fortifies and refreshes. It celebrates and consoles. It is pure goodness.

A National Treasure

Coconuts from the Philippines are unique in the world, naturally infused with volcanic mineral water and enriched by Venturi island winds.
In the Philippines, you know that the best coconut water in the world comes from young coconuts grown right here at home. But in your fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to get coconut water fresh from a tree. Coconut Water Convenient
Our goal is to enable more people to enjoy the fresh taste and healthy nutrients of coconut water as part of their everyday lives.

Inspired by Generations of Coconut Farmers

Our family has been farming coconuts for generations in the Philippines and continues today in Camiguin.

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Philippines Natural

Philippines Natural Inc. is a Filipino-owned, FDA registered, small business. Our mobile farm-to-bottle, cold-filtered system was developed and constructed right here in the Philippines.

Our coconut water is currently available in Metro Manila and will soon be ready for export. Please contact us for more information about our coconut water or young coconut meat.

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Our Headquarters are in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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